A long since known variation of the popular 'basketball.' Using a crumpled piece of paper or similar object that is specifically meant to be disposed of in the trash, the player(s) must assess the situation, including but not limited to: wind direction, wind speed, presence of the Pizzonator, trash can diameter, and trashketball size. After calculating the perfect range and power, a forward motion of the hand and release will officially put the trashketball into play. In a versus match, opponents may intercept and land a trashketball of their own. However, the game of trashketball is often played solo with one referee and several spectators. When the player's trashketball successfully enters and stays in the trash can, well, that's a CHECK. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Mr. Pizzo grew up on the hard streets of L.A. playing Trashketball.

Mr. Pizzo eyed the shot carefully as Billy fired a trashketball from his desk to the trash can. A perfect shot. Mr. Pizzo admired this eagle-eye accuracy, but all he could say was, "that's a check."
by Pikablu FTW February 8, 2007
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Using a piece of rubbish and a trashcan to serve as a basketball and a hoop. Shoot the rubbish into the can as if you were playing basketball.
Let's play a game of trashketball.
by Warren J September 26, 2006
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A very aggressive, up-beat, fun game. A ball made of crumpled up garbage (that is usually taped) is meant to be thrown or slammed into a large trashcan.

1. A person who holds the ball can only take three steps while having possession.

2. They can either bounce the ball off of a wall or the ceiling or they may pass it to another teammate.

3. If a ball goes under a table, into another room, or something of the sort, the ball has to be tossed back into play by a player of the opposite team that didn't throw the ball out of bounds.

4. As many people as a team wants can stand around the goal.
5. The trahscan can be tipped but not moved.
6. When starting the game or after a team has made a goal, the team that did not make a goal throws the ball at the other team (usually as hard as possible).

7. If directed at someone, it is a foul.
8. A player is allowed to shove, pull, knock down, and trip another player, but no punching, slapping, or anything that could cause serious injury is allowed.
9. There is no such thing as jump ball.

It might be a lot of rules, but when it comes to actually playing, it flows easily and is very aggressive. Everybody usually does end up with bruises afterwards.
Dude! It was senior night for the pep band so we all stayed after and played a two hour game of trashketball! I got like ten bruises!
by thatonechickyousawonetime April 9, 2011
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A. Playing basketball with a trash can as a hoop.
B. Throwing spherical garbage, usually paper, into a trash can and racking up imaginary points if done so from a distance.
A. We don't have a hoop at our house so we have to play trashketball.
B. Dude he just sunk a 3 pointer. That guy is a pro at trashketball.
by Louis Droit December 30, 2009
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A game of P-I-G played with two crumpled up peices of notebook paper (one on top of the other) wrapped in tape. See NTA for National Trashketball Association.
In homeroom, the floors are dominated by trashketball.
by Henry Morris October 24, 2008
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The act of throwing a peice of trash in the trash bin as competition.
Ronny: hey challenge you into a game of trashketball
Ken: hell yeah!
by Mememan23 November 10, 2017
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