An acronym for the phrase "Not That Anon", typically used as a preface to posts on anonymous imageboards like 4chan when an anonymous poster wants to specify that they are not the user who created the post that is the current subject of discussion.
Anonymous No. 0001: "This anime is bad because. . ."

Anonymous No. 0002: ">>0001 Actually I disagree because. . ."

Anonymous No. 0003 ">>0002 NTA but he's got a point, see. . ."
by sparkair May 28, 2022
Not the asshole. Used to express opinion whether particular person in argument was the one that took it too far.

Let's say Susan makes fun of Tom's weight. In return, Tom makes fun of Susan's looks. Susan lefts the room crying, Tom asks on Internet forum whether he took it too far.
Random person: NTA. Don't serve what you can't eat. Can't deal with negative comments on your body? Don't make negative comments about other people's bodies.
by goawaypole April 16, 2020
Abbreviation for "nothing to add"; typically used when someone posts something online and has nothing to say about it but wants to share it anyway
"Apple is working on a closed developer ecosystem, not a closed system." NtA.
by Cool the Underdog April 20, 2010
NTA, an acronym for Never Trust Anyone
"NTA motherfucker! Never trust anyone!" -That old crusty dude from some metal show

"NTA? Wow... you must be jaded af, who the fuck made you salty?" -Probably your friend, after saying NTA
by FunkPucker101 November 7, 2018
I drove 9 miles to your house, wished you happy holidays on Christmas Eve, and you don't even tip me?! You damn NTA bitch.
by GodWarz191 December 27, 2016
Acronym for "No Torrent Available." A word used when commenting on the woes of not being able to find the BitTorrent you're looking for.

Also used when you find your torrent, and you're not able to download all the data in it for whatever reason.
I've tried every single search for a Dollyrots torrent I can think of...nta...
by Akyoyo94 January 26, 2011