1 definition by Pikablu FTW

A long since known variation of the popular 'basketball.' Using a crumpled piece of paper or similar object that is specifically meant to be disposed of in the trash, the player(s) must assess the situation, including but not limited to: wind direction, wind speed, presence of the Pizzonator, trash can diameter, and trashketball size. After calculating the perfect range and power, a forward motion of the hand and release will officially put the trashketball into play. In a versus match, opponents may intercept and land a trashketball of their own. However, the game of trashketball is often played solo with one referee and several spectators. When the player's trashketball successfully enters and stays in the trash can, well, that's a CHECK. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Mr. Pizzo grew up on the hard streets of L.A. playing Trashketball.

Mr. Pizzo eyed the shot carefully as Billy fired a trashketball from his desk to the trash can. A perfect shot. Mr. Pizzo admired this eagle-eye accuracy, but all he could say was, "that's a check."
by Pikablu FTW February 8, 2007