2 definitions by Louis Droit

In a poker tournament, the act of not placing a bet when other players are in the same pot as a player that is all-in. Thereby increasing the chance of the player that is all-in being knocked out. Two hands are better then one.
Jim goes all-in due to being blinded out. Tony calls. Bill calls. Everyone else folds. The flop comes. Bill bets 1000 chips. Tony folds. Bill has demonstrated a classic example of lack of Final Table Courtesy. He has lowered the chance of knocking Jim out.
by Louis Droit October 7, 2008
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A. Playing basketball with a trash can as a hoop.
B. Throwing spherical garbage, usually paper, into a trash can and racking up imaginary points if done so from a distance.
A. We don't have a hoop at our house so we have to play trashketball.
B. Dude he just sunk a 3 pointer. That guy is a pro at trashketball.
by Louis Droit December 30, 2009
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