The act of being tired. Play on the word tired. Pronounced like the famous detergent brand, “Tide”.
Person 1: I be way too damn tide.

Person 2: What?

Person 1: I BE TIDE!
by CXSHER December 27, 2017
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What most white Caucasian people smell like. Comes from the brand of laundry detergent they all use, Tide.
KA: yo this cracka smell like tide
White man: leave me alone negros
FR: hey pasty white pastrami I make u my bitch
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
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Means your tired wit a lil accent 🤷🏽
"Mann ion wanna get up im tide"
by LiL' BubuLu August 17, 2019
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Tide is a visual that's done in a editing software of when in a song/montage or a short movie, the video speeds and slows down according to the song or an action and is usually very subtle, but can end up looking really professional when perfectly executed.
trappy: that's was a nice use of tide right there
dappy: yea i aggre
by VyckaLT October 21, 2019
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1) To prepare a pile of cut marijuana for use in a blunt, or other smoking preference involving the tuck method or tucking; often done with a credit card.

2)To create a pile of cut weed with a credit card, often preceding a tuck.

The act of "tiding" was given its name by the resemblence of an ocean tide going back and forth, this is the motion one uses (back and forth) when tiding.
My boy Mo gotta tide that pile of weed back up so we can pack that bowl/tuck that blunt.

Man, tide that shit up homie.
by Cotton Mouth April 2, 2005
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The Tide were a band from Los Angeles, California formed in 2015. They were signed to The Vamps' record label, Steady Records, under EMI Universal. They were the supporting act for The Vamps World Tour 2015, and again in 2016, along with other artists such as Before You Exit (USA leg), Luke Friend (UK leg), HomeTown (UK leg) and Union J (UK leg). They also supported The Vamps in 2017.The band was formed when The Vamps announced a secret project in late December 2014 and held auditions for a USA guitarist and drummer aged 18–20 to form a band. Drew and Nate were in a previous pop-punk band called "All the Above" until they were given the offer to move on. The Tide started on February 25, 2015, consisting of 4 members: Austin Corini (Dec 26, 1995) lead vocals, Drew Dirksen (Sept 30, 1996) lead guitar and backing vocals, Levi Jones (Nov. 21, 1997) bass guitar and vocals and Nate Parker (Sept 26, 1996) drum and backing vocals.1 Like The Vamps, the band started uploading covers on YouTube and gained a number of fans since then.1
The Tide were an amazing band until lead singer 'Austin Corini' decided to become a diva and ruin the band (asshat)
by ILoveTheVampsBigDicks February 25, 2018
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They go in and out, one can't explain it.
The way the tides move is a complete mystery.
by Erthely January 16, 2012
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