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Perhaps the most underrated quaterback in the NFL. Still overshadowed by Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady. Even though he is on track to break Dan Marino's season passing yards record. Shot puts the ball with great accuracy and talks mad shit...(Jay Cutler). Easily a top 3 qb in the NFL without a good receiver
Faggot-man, the colts are gonna rape the chargers this weekend

Cool guy-Nah dude, Philip Rivers never loses to the Colts and makes Peyton Manning look like a bitch

by peepingtom29 November 23, 2010
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An overrated, overpaid Quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, a no-talent sack of calcified cat turds..
Gabriel: "Hey man, the Chargers are going to kill the Packers today!!!"

Michael: "You belong in a mental institution, Philip Rivers is a no talent sack of cat turds, he throws more interceptions than touchdowns!!"
by Gabbi Rivera November 07, 2011
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