A gang based in Forest Gate, Newham, London. Consist of GMs such as CB, Yanko, Y.Cb and YB. They are allied with gangs such as Malistrip, Manor House and CGE. They beef 6th and Custom House
Yo where is CB frm

by At fr April 13, 2021
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James: hey remember 7th grade?
John: *starts tying noose*
by IamStevenHawking October 2, 2018
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An absolute hellhole of awkward sweaty 13 year olds and annoying 12 year olds where every breath you take is tainted with Axe Body Spray. Any word said is followed by a swift "that's what she said!" No place is safe from angry teachers and dark jokes. Most kids either won't shut up for 0.0000759 seconds, and the ones who don't are extremely self conscious and will never talk to anyone. Most of your friends will join a clique and force you to join. Kids will be publicly embarrassed for asking their crush out. The worst year of middle school.
"Remember 7th grade bro?"
'I don't really want to."
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A beautiful day, where all the beauties are born and the day where you get to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather.
April babies are the best most def April 7th
by Besttttt❤️ October 17, 2019
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Damn... if you were born on this day you fine as fuck yooooo!!!
he/ she was born on July 7th so he/ she hella fine
by july7thbaby November 5, 2019
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The birthday of the baddest chick you will ever meet. Wife that girl up she a dime.
She was born on February 7th
by baeevibez October 24, 2019
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January 7th born Individuals are Extremely highly Sensitive and Intelligent Individuals.

A True God or Goddess in their own Right.

Amazing lovers and Partners when loved and respected. Do not lie to them or cheat on them.

Caring, Loving, Trustworthy, Romantic, Sexy, Silly at times. Wears heart on their sleeve and knows who and what they want.

Lone Wolf by nature because they will not be in false or fake Company/Relationship. Haters will hate bc of jealousy or the fact they left you.

Heartbreak and disappointment is too familiar.

Abusive partners are left behind and bitter with judgement bc when you have such a beautiful light in your life and you don't appreciate it. Its gone.
Damn, "I fucked it up by ruining it with January 7th".
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