A person who undergoes gender transition, for whatever reasons. Compare to detransitioner.
It's difficult to meet people who accept my past as a transitioner.
by jhreprhte January 29, 2020
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Someone who enters into a new relationship without completely cutting ties with or ending the previous relationship.
"That guys a transitioner, he's still talking to his ex everyday while he's seeing a new girl"
by Kikik October 15, 2013
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One who makes lipsync videos with a variety of interesting camera tricks. These videos are most popular on the video sharing app musical.ly (now tiktok).
Friend 1: Did you see that cool video where the guy did all these cool tricks with his phone while lip syncing?
Friend 2: Hell yeah I did! He is such a great transitioner!
by gabefrnz January 27, 2020
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You are both a) a student that is in one grade, but chooses to take a class of a different grade, and b) in the enhanced program at your high school.
She is so luck to be Transitionally Enhanced, she has twice as many friends!
by friend'sfriend June 25, 2010
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Afterlife Transitionism is a void-compass lib-left soulist extraphysicalist hyper-ideology omni-ideology that believes that the only way to superatife death is the transition to afterlife completely, afterlife transitionism believes that extraphysicalism, Extraphysicism, Esoteric Soulism, Esoteric Anti-Deathism, Divinialism, Spiritualicism, Transcendentialism and all similar ideologies are right and the only way to win death is reaching afterlife while being alive, doing so or by reaching a high level of being or by technology, but not by classical transhumanist technologies, but by extraphysicist, divinialist, spiritualicist, soulist and even quantumist ideologies. Afterlife Transitionism is often seeing as being equal to Transcendentialism, but focusing on reaching afterlife and not a high level of being. Afterlife Transitionism believes that natural sciences cannot determine, prove or disprove the existence of afterlife, being necessary the creation of its own methods and epistemologies to determine so, such as for study anything related to the extraphysical, spiritual, esoteric, divine, occult and so on.
"Afterlife Transitionism was created as an answer to Pro-Afterlifeism, as a mean to slove all of it main problems and in order to enable humanity to also become an extraphysical society and a highly evolved society. Afterlife Transitionism often supports Monteirism politically and often sees monteirism as a good way to turn afterlife transitionism in reality."
by Full Monteirism June 2, 2021
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A person who dates multiple people in multiple different relationships, all of whom discovers they’re trans
Did you hear about Rhianna? She has dated four people, all of them came as trans men! She’s a total transitioner!
by Homeschooledbecca May 9, 2019
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