an app for middle school children who don't have any talent but want to be famous so they lip sync and for a lot of hand gestures and motions to go along with it
So I heard that Jacob Sartorious is on!
by thisdoesnotexist May 7, 2016
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An app to make your own lip-synched music video. Users are mainly attention seeking teenagers. While using the app, you will find yourself making idiotic hand gestures and you will look really stupid.
"Aye man do you still like Patricia"
" Nah man, she showed me the videos she made on
by December 23, 2015
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A shitty app where you can lip sync, infested with little 10 yr old girls fooling around. Then they think they are singers.
by WhatTheWhatt February 6, 2016
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An app for Android/iOS devices that lets you lip sync with a song of your choice. While the app is intended for everyone to have fun, it's sadly used the majority of the time by pre-teens, divided between annyoing fuckboys and little girls dressing like they are on a date with Pedobear, thus making it a subject of cringe.
Person 1 : Have you seen the app
Person 2 : Yeah, it made me lose faith in humanity.
by goteki_epsilon August 8, 2016
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An app where people go to when they want to be famous but have no talent besides mad lip licking and winking skills.
She's such a fuckboy he uses
by Queen who slays May 7, 2016
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What basic bitched use to show fame
Oh look there sara on again right now she looks brighter than my future
by The-Barney-po April 16, 2016
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