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The most beautiful, fun loving girl you could ever meet. Rhianna is kind, supportive, usually cold and has the most luckiest boyfriend alive. Rhianna can not be replayced by anyone alive or dead on this universe. Rhianna is a sporty, courageous and out going person. Rhianna is also a very attractive person who gets all of the guys. My life sucked, so I asked myself, what am I missing? The answer to that is Rhianna. Your life would suck without a Rhianna, so get off your lazy ass and find one!
Who is that angel?
That angel is a Rhianna
by Jayden23 March 30, 2015
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Rhianna is a girl with beautiful deep brown eyes, with many friends and she is also extremely attractive and she gets all the boys. Rhianna’s tend to have trust issues, maybe because they have been hurt bad in the past, and they find it hard to trust a guy so sometimes they are players and mess around with a few guys but when a Rhianna finds one she wants she is 100% loyal and amazing. But she is a girl who seems happy and cheerful but deep down she isn’t always that happy. She will try and take care of others more than she takes care of herself. Everyone needs a Rhianna in their life
Boy 1: Dude look at that girl over there
Boy 2: that’s definitly a Rhianna, but I heard she has a boyfriend so you’ve no chance

Girl 1: this is my friend, she always looks out for me and she is stunning
Girl 2: let me guess, she’s Rhianna
by Jamestwaksle November 05, 2018
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Rhianna is a lovely, outgoing girl that loves to do sports. She has all the best friends and always gets the boys.

Even though she is quiet and sad sometimes inside she always has that spark of happiness waiting to jump to her brain.

This name represents the goddess of fire and also means she is courageous and loves horses.
Rhianna is a beautiful girl who loves horses an the colour blue .
by Officialxolyvia July 14, 2018
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She's a gorgeous amazing friend, she's funny and doesn't take no ship from anyone. SHE SlAYS. YASSSSS BOO😂😍 she's sassy and everyone loves her ❤
Rhianna is gorgeous 😚 yasss boo by ellie jobs hyland
by Ellieh.3 September 17, 2018
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A cute little girl that is amazing in every way shape and form, she likes to make people happy. She also likes horses a lot. In all, she's the perfect girl that every man wants.
Damn, you're such a Rhianna.
by Davida El-Allahshad July 25, 2018
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Rhianna is The most perfect girl youll ever meet

but more explanation there is so much you could say, shes beautiful, funny, lovely, just amazing in everyway Youd be so lucky if you met her so if you havnt uunnnlluuckkkyy you twat

You Could never Meet Anyone Like Her Shes Just The Best Thing since Life Began. You couldnt understand how lovely this girl is til you met her
Person 1: who was that perfect girl?
Person 2: oh your thinking of Rhianna :)
by Oh That Guy! July 07, 2009
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