The most beautiful, fun loving girl you could ever meet. Rhianna is kind, supportive, usually cold and has the most luckiest boyfriend alive. Rhianna can not be replayced by anyone alive or dead on this universe. Rhianna is a sporty, courageous and out going person. Rhianna is also a very attractive person who gets all of the guys. My life sucked, so I asked myself, what am I missing? The answer to that is Rhianna. Your life would suck without a Rhianna, so get off your lazy ass and find one!
Who is that angel?
That angel is a Rhianna
by Jayden23 March 29, 2015
The most supportive girl you will ever know that has been through a lot. She isn’t the most popular girl but she cares about her friends and does very well in school. She has the most beautiful deep brown eyes ever! She is a great friend to others and she loves making new friends. She gets stressed very easily and has some tough spots but she always knows what to do and she gives the best advice. She can be trustworthy and is also sympathetic. She can be a rebel at times and do very adventurous things. She also LOVES summer and the beach. Everyone needs there own Rhianna and also it happened to be my name!
Friend 1: i’m going through a rough time and I’m very stressed what should I do?
Friend 2: find a Rhianna I’m sure there is one around here somewhere
by Rizzle11 February 27, 2019
A rhianna is the most beautiful girl you could come across. She has beautiful deep brown eyes and has looks anyone would kill for. She doesn’t realise how pretty she is. Not many men might be coming through but when she does find the right man, she’ll know it. She is 100% loyal, if you have a BESTfriend names rhianna be great full, she’s the bestest mate you could ever find. She’s not always the happiest but never fails to bring smiles to others faces.
“Wow you’re lucky youve got a rhianna in your life!”
by bbbest123 May 31, 2019
Rhianna is a lovely, outgoing girl that loves to do sports. She has all the best friends and always gets the boys.

Even though she is quiet and sad sometimes inside she always has that spark of happiness waiting to jump to her brain.

This name represents the goddess of fire and also means she is courageous and loves horses.
Rhianna is a beautiful girl who loves horses an the colour blue .
by Officialxolyvia July 14, 2018
Rhianna is The most perfect girl youll ever meet

but more explanation there is so much you could say, shes beautiful, funny, lovely, just amazing in everyway Youd be so lucky if you met her so if you havnt uunnnlluuckkkyy you twat

You Could never Meet Anyone Like Her Shes Just The Best Thing since Life Began. You couldnt understand how lovely this girl is til you met her
Person 1: who was that perfect girl?
Person 2: oh your thinking of Rhianna :)
by Oh That Guy! July 7, 2009
A short brunette girl who is extremely cute and shy but deep down wants to be choke slammed. She gets attached very quickly and never deserves any negativity thrown her way. Has a lot of boys chucking themselves at her but there’s only one that she wants. She’s pretty insecure but doesn’t seem like it on the outside. Is very good at hugging and will give you all the attention and affection you could ever crave. She won’t ever leave you unless you do something extraordinarily dumb... so just don’t
Rhianna’s BF: damn you cute af

Rhianna: *audible vomiting*
by philbertsalami November 14, 2020
Rhianna is a small funny party starter.Rhianna is an kind and helpful friend, likes to mess around and all but she can also be annoying. She can be your bestie or your enemy but over all she is amazing.
Kiera: Rhianna stop it!
Rhianna: Im joking 😂
by December 11, 2018