Short for "traditional wife" (that is to say, a female homemaker).

The word has nothing to do with neo-nazism as some definitions here have suggested, it's just stands for "traditional wife". Some women choose to do that, and some women don't. Each person has a right to pursue happiness as they see fit, right?
Woman A on twitter: I'm thinking about quitting my job and doing the tradwife thing.

Woman B on twitter: How fucking dare you?!? The civil rights activists who fought to give you your rights, they must be spinning in their graves right now!!!

Woman C on twitter: Actually, those activists fought for her being able to CHOOSE whatever job she wants. So if she wants to choose the full-time homemaker job, then what goddamn business is that of yours, you anti-freedom authoritarian asshole?
by durpthesecond October 4, 2019
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Short for "traditional wife." Used in alt-right circles to refer to women that embody traditionally feminine and wifely qualities (submissiveness, chastity, willingness to do household chores, etc).
She wants children and is fine with me working so she doesn't have to, so it's possible she could make a good tradwife.
by Marek Möhling February 2, 2017
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Short for "traditional wife." Used in alt-right circles to refer to transsexual women or "traps" that embody traditionally feminine and wifely qualities (submissiveness, chastity, willingness to do household chores, etc).
My tradwife's dick is bigger than mine, but she still washes my clothes for me.
by Esse Kay October 17, 2016
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A woman who believes in the sanctity of marriage as God intended it. Usually but not always religious. Believes that a woman’s duty is to provide a loving and nurturing home environment for her husband, children and herself. Enjoys learning new skills and hobbies that usually involve creativity in the kitchen of craft room, as well as looking her very best. She is typically happiest when she can put a smile on her loved ones faces and is recognized for the glorious atmosphere she not only creates, but embodies. She has no qualms about submitting to the loving man she chose to marry, and if done right, she does not believe in divorce (except in the case of adultery, as the Bible states).
Janet: Me and my husband have both been working full time in our marriage, but I’m pregnant with my first child. He says he’ll be able to financially support us while I’m rearing our little darling. I never thought I would get to do the tradwife thing!
Janine: wow, that’s wonderful. I know you’re so relieved that you won’t have to worry about who’s raising the little one.
Janet: absolutely. No expensive daycare and nanny cams for me!
by JanieBee June 14, 2023
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A right wing thot who couldn't find a real man so she marries a right wing incel for their money or government handouts. Says she loves her husband but once she finds a non-incel such as a liberal or non-white she gets horny and goes on racist tirades. Until she inevitably cheats on him with an actual man or a family member.
Tradwifes are the biggest sluts or tend to be former sluts. Only incels with low standards have sex with or merry them.
by Burn Mar-a-Lago September 3, 2023
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Not the same as housewife. A tradwife is a homemaker, and thinks all women should be homemakers too. She exists in usually two ways:

1) She will be extremely attractive, and put an excessive amount of effort into her appearance for a significant other that looks like a frog, and probably treats her poorly. Usually religious but not necessarily.

2) Extremely not attractive and religious, but parades being a virgin as a huge source of pride even when no one wanted to have sex with her.

In both situations, the tradwife expects pretty much nothing of men and has low standards, so she's pretty much bound to be in a miserable relationship.
Ellen: Why is Cynthia posting memes about how husbands are above wives on facebook?

Howard: I don't know, she's a tradwife and kind of stupid.
by 84848cheese February 3, 2021
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Mountain Dew Tradwife, or MDT for short, is an ultra christian propaganda project. Created in 2001, after the September 11 attacks, commonly known as 9/11, to protect the US citizens, MDT has been known to the public thanks to some controversies regarding it’s instagram DMs.
« I hate minorities », MDT texted in a pornographic group chat fetishizing people with dwarfism (its ok tho she’s just a silly girl).
I’ve been targeted by Mountain Dew Tradwife: Im going to hand myself.

Mountain Dew Tradwife is blond

« :3 »
by IwillMunchOnYourCorpse July 24, 2022
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