Somerset slang.
The opposite of a millward.
A true hero.
"Wow, 18 pints of rough cider! He's some sort of Townsend!"
by Friends of Millward June 6, 2005
A Townsend is typically a social pariah, with no self respect or decency. They usually have a tendency to steal and lie to anybody they ever meet, They are also of an extremely low intelligence including self esteem which is probably from the parents pushing them to be the "don" as a small child, when in reality a Townsend just cant. To summarise a person who is a Townsend is a complete goon who is literally to stupid to ever function in day to day life.
Person 1: That dude has no dignity what so ever
Person 2: True, he's such a townsend!
by MrBud November 5, 2011
Is a very good looking guy he acts like he's not good enough.He is very kind , sometimes shy and very loving and caring.He loves Tacos and all food. He's very smart guy.He is a good athlete with a lot of friends . He enjoys hanging out with them especially his Mexican friends. If you have a Townsend in your life you are very lucky
Townsend is very nice
by celerylover123 September 11, 2019
Fugly boy who makes shit spotify playlists and probably has a boner 24/7
Person- "Wow just found a will townsend, I'll stay away from him"
by ginger boy 321 January 24, 2018
A person, typically someone older, that loves a sports team that hasn’t been relevant for years but still thinks they are the best team of all time.
God there goes Townsend again with the redwings. He keeps talking about how good they WERE. Ugh. Let’s leave.
by Walker00791 August 2, 2018
To vomit very early in an evening out
"She went out for anall night sesiion but Townsended on his shoes at just 8 o'clock."
by King Pod January 11, 2008
In Guelph the Townsend's and the Trento's are good friends they bail each other out of jail and share same cell sometimes Townsend's steal cars and usually do alott of drugs and are very smart they have the ability to escape from jail.
Hey Townsend how do you escape from jail?
by Tyler Townsend November 11, 2007