lame, beat, worn out, over.
After Danny L. says he smokes banana peels, Phil C. says,"Danny, you're so out of gas."
by Nicky Ramone November 8, 2004
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When a person has to poop really bad and they can no longer buy time by farting
Jimmy let out a string of farts in an attempt to relieve the pressure of his impending poop. He carefully allowed one last fart to slip out. Jimmy then knew that the next thing to exit his ass would not be flatulence. He was out of gas.
by Jimmy Flatulence October 25, 2020
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Getting head from your girlfriend when your still living at home
Yo, last night I ran out of gas. Sorry I was late!
by Full Attach July 12, 2017
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A feeling of extreem exhaustion. Often caused by challenging Peter to a game of Squash or Halo 4.
"I'm out of gas. Coach, take me out. I'm done" - Amin
by Sticky Balls April 28, 2013
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