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A guy who doesn’t see the world as others see it. Syre is rather blunt, straightforward, and independent. Even though Syre may have made choices that unintentionally hurts him and a significant other, Syre would only dwell on it for awhile before moving on and forward with his life. Syre tends to understand everyone, but wants others to understand him more and what he’s trying to say. Syre is an observer and learns from what he has seen or what he believes is right. Also Syre may not be ideally great with relationships especially when they don’t end very well as they start to rethink things, and feel insecure in themselves. Lastly, Syre has a hard way of expressing themselves and their emotions, but also of unique way of doing so even if they may act cold.
“Yo did you hear jaden smiths latest album?”

Syre? Hell yeah. I relate to him a lot.”
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by yunggdead November 27, 2018
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