Touch up: to hit or punch someone in a fight.
I had to give that guy a touch-up because he ran his mouth.
by i am me me i am November 16, 2013
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When somebody touches you sexually when there not suppose to.
Today at mosque I was touched up by the Meat Sheik.
by The Moody Poet June 30, 2007
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interfered with.
did you get touched up when you where little?

I touched you up!

You've been touched.
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
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The act of cleaning one's asshole after a day of activity or a possible shart or leaky asshole situtation.
Usually about an hour after eating at Beto's, I am in serious need of a touch up.

I beat my dick off so hard yesterday, that I needed to touch up my swass.
by Capt. Scrotal Tuck February 21, 2009
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When you already smoked a joint, but you’ve come down just a bit from your high and you just need a few tokes more to get just as high again. A touch up (like a paint job), a refresher toke.
I know we smoked not long ago but I could use a touch up toke before we start the movie.
by StephRoe April 17, 2020
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After you get to the work place or school when you go to the bathroom in the morning to look at yourself in the mirror to make sure you look good
Courtney: What do we do everyday?

Marcy: Pre-launch Touch Ups?
by skylarskank August 4, 2008
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When someone feels another persons body mostly in the crotch and anal area and breasts. Consent must be given otherwise the toucher would be classed a pedo. This can be done one someone of any gender and any age. And any species.
Oi Benny boy theres a pretty bitch over there, go touch em up will ya?
by Mighty Queppen March 17, 2021
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