To get stabbed
Get touched

"Got touched and left blood"

- from a gang song I heard onetime
by Queenmoob September 10, 2018
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To get acknowledgement or inclusion from any one person or group by means of sexual relations, facebook, events, or any form of communication.
I love getting a touch from my girl
by bfitz311 August 22, 2010
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a nice way of saying I will kill you or hurt someone
In an argument, "you better watch your back fool, I'm gonna get u touched." You extra regular ass nigga!
by Ms. Lilly June 28, 2006
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Despite the pleasent nature usually associated with this activity, getting one's dick touched is negative. Simply put, it means losing badly at a sport, game, or any activity with winning.
Person #1: I suck at blackjack and lost $300.

Person #2: You were really getting your dick touched by the dealer.
by TimboG April 18, 2006
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