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Elizabeth Hurley is a slutty U.K actress that got more publicity for Hugh Grant's screwing around with a black transvestite named Devine Brown than what she ever got in her whole entire life.

Elizabeth Hurley. Please see slut, white trash, gold digger, tramp, Scarlet O'Hara, pussy pinch, portable casting couch, casting couch, sling fuck, cock worshipper, Cock-Death, Vampirism, strawberry-Sundae, super slut, anal slut, cum slut, piss slut, down syndrome slut and cum tart.
Elizabeth Hurley said, "I thought I was Passenger 69, not 59?"
by The Moody Poet August 23, 2006
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To become immortal amongst emos and known as a demigod.

Spiritual descendants of emos or spiritual descendants of fallen angels.
All great Emo bands are emofied!

Jay and Kay are emofied from a previous life, and when they have kids, there kids will be emofied!
by The Moody Poet January 22, 2007
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Emotionally raped is a person who feels absolutely violated, mistreated and abused in a non-physical contact manner. Its the improper treatment that stirs the soul into a breakdown mode.

To force someone in such a hostile manner by oral conversation to comply with what they want without considering the feelings or emotions of that person.

An overly emotional person who takes everything to heart.
I spoke with the electricity company and felt emotionally raped after the conversation they had with me. They spoke down to me in such a way that I felt they had emotionally raped me and even put that in my complaint.

The way he treated me on the phone I felt emotionally raped!

Stop it you fuck'n cunt! Your emotionally raping me!
by The Moody Poet August 6, 2006
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Annabel Chong is a porn actress from Singapore that made world headlines when she traveled to America to engage in 251 sex acts with 70 men over a ten hour period (1995).

Setting a world's record for the biggest gang bang in 1995, Annabel Chong's record has now been toppled by many other eager porn actresses. See Hollywood Slut Syndrome.

Annabel Chong also starred in the documentary titled, Sex: The Annabel Chong Story (Nominated Grand Jury Prize at Sundance). There are secret features/Easter Eggs hidden in the nipple of Annabel Chong on the DVD. This movie is a documentary to the gang bang and Annabel's family life.

Annabel has University qualifications (USC), is a web designer, visual photography artist, feminist and porn star. Annabel admits to sleeping with everyone on the university campus and then later getting bored. See cock swap or Jaspers Syndrome.

In her earlier life Annabel was gang raped over fresh trash in a rubbish store under a dirty ghetto housing block known as council flats in the U.K. The rape lasted most the night and Annabel was still not sexually satisfied. See I carried a watermelon.

Annabel is described as a hardcore princess that has used her sexual talents to shock the world into how somebody with so many professional credentials and descent family can pursue a life in the porn industry. Annabel has made many media appearances including, The Jerry Springer Show.

Noteworthy porn films:
1. The World's Biggest Gang Bang
2. Anal Queen
3. I Can't Believe I Did the Whole Team
Annabel Chong started pioneering a new on-camera triple penetration that had the porn industry in a sexual frienzy!

Annabel Chong could be compared to Barbara Payton cum-movie star cum-street hooker, accept Annabel started her Hollywood career from the porn-gutter up!
by The Moody Poet September 8, 2006
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Unable to resist the temptation of money. See Gold Digger

To put money $$$ over love and happiness. See Anna Nicole Smith.

Always working to make money and never having any time to live and be happy.

Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome is a serious condition which affects a lot of people who are unable to live full lives, because money over powers love at every turn. See Asians. In a sense Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome is only being able to make decisions that evolve around money and not the heart i.e. asking for proof of income on first date and financial references to cross check after date.

That patient will develop a serious condition that will psychologically push them away from love to try and find someone who is better able to accommodate them financially, even if it means living unhappy with someone who is obviously not compatible i.e. age gap, culture clashes, language barriers, nothing in common etc. See arranged marriages or Mail Order Brides or Russian Brides.

Patients may have developed a strong influence for a father or maternal influence to keep them protected. In a sense the patient may be suffering from being sheltered all their lives and never having the confidence to take risks for love.

Or the patient might be suffering Hollywood Slut Syndrome where they do not care who they step on, how they get there, as long as they get what they want!
"Are you kidding?" "Lei-Lei has Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome!" "She only dates men who are successful graduates who come from money!" "Well little does that asian-ho know that the men who are fucking her have Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome and only marry women who come from money."

Candy: Hi Glenn
Glenn: Hi Bitch
Candy: Did you hear?
Glenn: No... what?
Candy: Well as you know I'm not one to spred idol gossip in class.
Glenn: No Candy you usually spred something else during lunch break!
Candy: Grrr! Well anyway Rebab is said to be going into an arranged marriage!
Glenn: And to think... I didn't even think they could give her away. (laugh}
Candy: It sounds like both her parents are suffering from Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome.
Glenn: Well if I were her husband to be I would be asking for a refund on the wedding night!

In the 1997 movie, 'Washington Square', Catherine Sloper (Jennifer Jason Leigh) an average, awkward type of girl from a prominent wealthy family is persuaded by the very handsome, persuasively romantic Mr. Morris Townsend (Ben Chaplin) who is gossiped to be poor and gossipers say only interested in Catherine for her wealth to engage. It could be said that Mr. Townsend was suffering from Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome if indeed true? A very powerful and sad movie (have tissues handy), with a very surprising ending that shows how far some people will go who are suffering from Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome. But who has the syndrome? The father? The daughter? The aunt? Or Mr. Townsend?
by The Moody Poet August 26, 2006
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When you take off the sheet from your bed, cut 2 holes in it for your eyes to see out of, and then wear it to cover your body so you won't get raped.
"Wow!" "Do you think the WallMart will one day stock anti-rape wear for us Muslima's?

"Well until they do, let's just wear the bed sheets!"

"Hey look at this photo that was taken off us girls..."

"Hrmm... which one are you?" "I can't tell... where all wearing the same color sheets and I can't see who is who..."

"Oh shit!" "What was the point of taking that picture?"

"Well the background looks interesting I guess..."

"Oh wait... I found our anti-rape wear in another catalogue under Halloween in ghost costumes."

"I'm so excited I feel empowered now that I will be celebrating Halloween every day of the year!"
by The Moody Poet January 23, 2007
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A noteable event that goes off with a bang.

It's like adding class to sick!
Man that was just classik the way Osama Bin Laden died.

Man that was a classik with what Narendra Modi did in India! Man to stand up to violence with violence sure is a classik way to settle the natives down.
by The Moody Poet January 13, 2010
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