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When one dick just ain't enough!!!

Usually gay guyz that love to suck much more than one dick on any given day or night.
"Fuck!" "Your mouth smells like a dirty fuck'n urinal!"

"Yeh I've been Dick Smoking all night man!" "I can barely feel my jaw!"

"You go to Club 80?"

"Yeh man, place was crawling with dick smokes!"
by The Moody Poet January 24, 2007
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To kill an infant or baby based on an undesired or unwanted gender.
They wanted a male to live on their family name so they committed sex selective infanticide until that male was born.

It is estimated that places in Asia because of Sex selective infanticide will have too many males and not enough females in the future.
by The Moody Poet January 21, 2007
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When someone keeps odd hours.

When someone sleeps during the day and is awake during the night. Not necessarily a hooker but originating from a hooker in the strange hours they keep i.e. 6am go to bed, 6pm time to wake up.

Anything that is not 9 to 5 i.e. shift worker, insomniac, sex maniac, prowler, hooker, street hustler, prostitute, drug dealer, addict, paranoid schizophrenic, stalker, peeping tom, voyeur, exhibitionist etc
I just got a text off Glenn, it went... U lazy slut! r u keeping hooker hours now???

"Why doesn't Jo-Beth wake up like the rest of us folk?" "Oh she's keeping hooking hours now after she got involved with the booze and dope scene of Hollywood." See Hollywood Slut Syndrome.

"Lindy-Lou is either a vampire, or just keeping hooking hours...either way something's up!"
by The Moody Poet September 7, 2006
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A gang that only exists on the Internet i.e. mainly in chat rooms or forums.
The E-Gang had formed in the chat room and within 2 weeks the E-Gang had taken over, and ran the room.

HZ200: So waz up fool?
JK12: Hi guyz
HZ200: JK12 no yer place fool! shut da hell up!
JK12: soz :(
Beec8: u will b if u ever chat again!!! :o
Tonloc: Man these regular chatters r turning into an E-Gang!
by The Moody Poet January 7, 2007
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A card game where who ever loses commits suicide.

A bit like Russian Roulette accept you play poker with cards and your still betting your life instead of chips.

Can be used as a metaphor in describing the actions of leaders of certain countries.
Saddam Hussein played suicide poker with George Bush and lost!!!
by The Moody Poet January 3, 2007
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A Beat is a public toilet or public restroom where gay men congregate to pay homage to Priapus. Please see cock worshipper and George Michael.

A Beat is the Gentleman's toilet or lavatory where George Michael displays his sexual talent as an alfresco cruising artist bent over a urinal. Visual material of beats can be seen and heard on George Michael's single, "Outside", where George plays up his arrest for engaging in a lewd act in a notorious public restroom at a Beverly Hill's city park.

Beats are public toilets where heterosexual policeman who are in fact confused homosexuals go to live out their sexual fantasies, or at least get close enough for a taste of them.

A dirty beat has been satirized as Courtney Loves mouth.
"I saw this Big Greek Dick sticking out of the bushes on the 'Hampstead Heath' in the U.K!" "I could have sworn it was George Michael's."

"I've seen beats in third world countries that are cleaner than Courtney Love's mouth!"

Jason was sick of going to all the beats in Melbourne, so he decided he would bring them to his house by graffiti'ing his name and mobile number up on the urinal wall. See beatslut and A Beat.
by The Moody Poet August 12, 2006
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Mo-Ham-Head is a kewler way to say The Prophet Muhammad.
"You Mo-Ham-Head suck my dick dude!"

"Yeh Bitch get down on your hands and knees, and work that cock, cockmaster!"
by The Moody Poet January 4, 2008
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