Hooking up with someone's out of town guest.
"I brought that cute little blonde from Georgia back to my place and spent the night playing tour guide."
by J-Win April 1, 2006
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While having sex, you light up a joint and blow the smoke into your partners vagina and later when she "queefs" you inhale the smoke
Dude I gave my girl a jamaican tour-guide last night and got high as hell!!
by Billy Joel 911 March 26, 2008
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A college student who has sex with their college friends hometown friends when they are visiting.
Girl 1: "OMG, so-and-so's friend is visiting this weekend."
Girl 2: "Oh so you're gonna be an r-rated tour guide??"
Girl 1: Yeah, I heard he's pretty hot, and ill never have to see him again."
by shmoopdidiwhoop April 23, 2019
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An elite group on campus dedicated to showing off the number one Catholic party school in the nation. They specialize in one night of drinking mayhem, persuading parents to send their little ones here, and otherwise enjoying each others' company. This group is also on the list of Top 5 campus jobs.
Perspective student: "Hey, Mom! I wonder what Marquette looks like?"
Mom: "Word on the street is that there's some Marquette University Tour Guides there that can tell us about it!"
by tourguide April 30, 2011
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When you fold a girl in half and fuck her in the ass and she watches you conquer the dark cave. All while both of you are wearing a horned Viking helmet, in Norway under the Northern Lights.
by GuyInAHat December 15, 2017
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2 Mexicans in a bar fighting over the last shot of warm Tequila.
I would have ordered a drink at the bar but the bartender was splitting a Mexican Tour Guide.
by SquamLakeGuy July 13, 2011
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