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Get your ass down here, you torpid bag of shit!
by Jesus January 17, 2003
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sluggish, lacking enthusiasm, lacking excitement.
The public's torpid response to John McCain's candidacy was electrified when he nominated Sarah Palin.
by Old-School-Con September 07, 2008
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1. The act of ToRpiD
2. The fishing line containing the lure and hook for use in fail trolling on a forum.
3. To talk absolute shit, repeating everything they say.
4. An incest faggot, directly related to the manson family.
1. A ToRpiD would say something like "I feel sorry for you, having 13 legs and an orange head."
2. o rly?
3. Take what little grammar you have and go back to school, mang.
4. OH NOEZ PLEZ NO?! I'm sorry if you cant come up with a single logical argument
5. lol ur a kool kid arent u
by JesusHadAegis February 19, 2009
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(adj) extreme, out of this world; stronger/crazier version of "awesome"; makes your head spin but you like it
"That band is so torpid!"
by Barg January 28, 2006
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