The act of pulling out someones tie so it is on the outside of that persons jumper/coat.

1) Reach out to a person you are speaking to or around
2) Pull out their tie without them being able to stop you
3) Say "Top Shop"
4) Laugh at their slight annoyance as they put their tie back in
<Matt> Topshop
*pulls out Jake's tie with amazing speed*
<Jake> You Dick
*Puts tie back in*
<Matt> Topshop>
*Pulls out tie again*
<Jake> Dick!!!! Stop topshopping me
by Pystey1 November 19, 2009
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A trendy clothing retailer that sells a large amount of bodycon dresses, crop tops, maxi skirts, and studded bags and shoes.
Person A- "I just bought a new dress at Topshop"
by Galaxystar March 24, 2013
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Topshop is the popular highstreet shop which provides the uniform for the entire female populace of the UK aged between 17-21.

The vast majority of these females congregate on university campuses, often bemusing passers by with the ability to blend in with one another and become just as indistinguishable as the person next to them.

Occasionally, large groups of identical females can be seen trawling the highstreet in the evenings in hunt of a male to satisfy their tragically low self-esteem and reassure their superficial personna. These groups are known as "Topshop Brigades". Approach with caution, or lots of money and pseudo-compliments.
Person 1: Dude, with a gene pool full of identical human beings, the human race is fucked!
Person 2: Relax! These people are all genetically different, they just happen to look the same. Although you are correct, with another generation of superficial and fake individuals to look forward to, we are indeed fucked :(.

Person 1: Wow, it's my lucky night man! I just scored with two identical twins!
Person 2: Caution! That's the topshop army you're messing with!
Person 1: Oh man, how could I have been so blind? I'm going to go home and cut off my genitals so I never make that mistake again!

Topshop girl 1: Hey, have you seen my new outfit?
Topshop girl 2: Hey! I have one just like it!
Normal individual: Hey ladies, have you seen these new grenade shaped purses?
by Myxomatosis October 2, 2005
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A large high street shop teenagers like to buy overpriced clothes from because they think its 'different' to other teenage clothing shops.

All shorts could pass off as denim knickers
All skirts/dresses (except maxis) could pass off as tight tops the common surrey girl wears with high heals to show ones pants at parties

Despite the fact topshop is a clothing store they also have a small sweet shop by the counter so you buy the sweets and have to buy bigger sizes in their clothes

On a day out a classic surrey girl would wear head to toe toshop which is what she clasiffies as 'different'
"hey i need some new shorts...topshop?"
"no babe they have actual denim knickers in primark!"

surrey girl no.1 'oh my daiz babe i love your dress, wheres it from?'
surrey girl no.2 'topshop petite, yours sweetie?'
surrey girl no.1 'topshop online. your shoes?'
surrey girl no.2 ' topshop like my hat tights makeup and jewelry'
surrey girl no.1 'same! we look so different hunny'
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for awkward silences and general amusement, say this word as high pitched as possible.
hours of family fun ; )
man "i'm leaving you for your sister."
women ".....topshop!!"
by phizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzstaa December 23, 2008
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Gesture made between mates, reafirming their close friendship. (See Mighty Boosh Series 1)
One friend says to the other in soft and slightly inquisitive tones, whilst lighty taping said friend in a comforting manner with a their hand (fingers bunched together and touching the thumb) "Topshop?"

Friend replies with similar gesture to any part of friends body replying simply "Topshop."
by rastapastagofaster April 6, 2009
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A British clothing line and retail store that also sells other lines. Kate Moss and the Jenner sisters have endorsed Topshop. Adidas has collaborated with them. The store is pricey but affordable. Beyonce has been seen in their apparel. They also have student discounts.
Where did you get your Bomber?

Topshop. They have them in black and olive green. Only 100 dollars. I
by Neila96 May 31, 2016
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