Used to describe the world inhabited by such zany characters as Howard Moon, Vince Noir, Bob Fossil, Naboo, Dixon Bainbridge, The Hitcher, Nanageddon, Milky Joe, Old Gregg and more. A journey through time and space must be undertaken to reach the aforementioned world.
Come with us now on a journey through time and space, to the world of the Mighty Boosh.
by Usman Rafiq June 12, 2006
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a comedy more addictive than drugs written by noel fielding and julian barratt who star in it as vince noir (rock n roll star) and howard moon (jazz maverick)

also stars dave brown
dean learner
mike fielding
rich fulcher
and many others (enclusing bands like robots in disguise and razorlight)

there is a radio series
tv series
a live tour
and eventually there will be a film

its so much funnier than little britian because it doesn't use the same jokes over and over again,
it has new outlandish characters every episode (pretty much all of them played by noel or julian) and is simply just a lot funnier!

it also has a lot of music in it which is always good

some people won't get it and just think its 'silly'
but they're missing out!
its charming, witty and the best comedy ever written
clip from the mighty boosh:
*howard moon is fishing on black lake finally he catched something - old greg, half man half fish*

old gregg- hi there
howard- who are you
im old greg pleased to meet ya
h- what do you want?
og- maybe i should ask you the same question? what you doing in my waters?
h- just taking the ari you no... not fishing!
og -well then how comes this hooks in my head fool?
h- its nothing to do with me sir
og- its attached to ur rod mutha lika!
h- dont kill me.. iv got so much to give
og- easy now fuzzy little man peach, ever drunk bailyes from a shoe?
h- *whimpering*..what?
og- wanna go to a club where people wee on eachother
og- im gonna hurt you
h- excuse me?
og- i like you...what do you think of me?
h- i don't really no sir..
h-i think your a nice modern gentleman
og-'don't lie to me boy!
h- *almost crying im not lying
og- i no what u thinkin, here comes old greg - hes a scaley man fish u dont no me u dont no what i got, i got something to show you...thats gregs vagina! i got a mangina! im olg greeeeeg'

oooh i'll stop there
by wimpwob October 16, 2006
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The most surreal thing on television at the moment. It does the drugs for you.
'Dude,have you seen 'The Mighty Boosh'? No? It will warp your mind.....
by who wants to know??? March 11, 2005
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an amazing half hour of pure unadulterated comedy on bbc2 wednesdays at 7pm the show mightve ended by the time anyone reads this. the show consists of two zoo keepers( howard moon and vince noir)really funny and a stoned weirdo (naboo)
everyone should watch the mighty boosh

kasabian likes the mighty boosh
by kasabian December 22, 2004
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1. An unusual haircut
2. A fantabulous television programme
3. A state of mind (mainly insanity)
1. Wow, that is a mighty boosh!
2. I saw the mighty boosh last night and I laughed so hard I melted.
3. Wibble.

Just punch the big mouse...
by Fleamoza June 17, 2006
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An amazingly fresh and surreal comedy; following the exploits of Howard Moon and Vince Noir in Bob Fossils Zoo.Really doesnt get the praise it deserves,and got screwed over by the schedulers when it made the move to BBC2.
The radio series is also well worth a look in.
Howard: There he is! the polar bear! what do you do!
Vince: ..We get along quite well
Howard: You don't just get along with a polar bear
Vince: I do,we just clicked!
by ALH March 22, 2005
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