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A large high street shop teenagers like to buy overpriced clothes from because they think its 'different' to other teenage clothing shops.

All shorts could pass off as denim knickers
All skirts/dresses (except maxis) could pass off as tight tops the common surrey girl wears with high heals to show ones pants at parties

Despite the fact topshop is a clothing store they also have a small sweet shop by the counter so you buy the sweets and have to buy bigger sizes in their clothes

On a day out a classic surrey girl would wear head to toe toshop which is what she clasiffies as 'different'
"hey i need some new shorts...topshop?"
"no babe they have actual denim knickers in primark!"

surrey girl no.1 'oh my daiz babe i love your dress, wheres it from?'
surrey girl no.2 'topshop petite, yours sweetie?'
surrey girl no.1 'topshop online. your shoes?'
surrey girl no.2 ' topshop like my hat tights makeup and jewelry'
surrey girl no.1 'same! we look so different hunny'
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