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Ponchomania is a phenomona sweeping the country, the world, well infact it is sweeping the enitre universe. This involves people, only the coolest of the cool, wearing beautiful ponchos so that they can look like giant walking triangles, it is a well known fact triangles are the universes favourite shape! Ponchomania is simply a way to express this fantastical trend that makes even the greatest person look like an idiot.
Pochomania, coming soon to a town near you.
by anon December 20, 2004
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crap obession all over the country. holey scraps are fabric are given a big hole in the middle and sold at around £20 in lovely, quality stores like new look and other trendy highstreet stores *cough*. it seems that a trend among poncho-wearers is to buy them in bulk, so you have a different colour (or smae colour, you choice) everyday, OR buy one for the whole family! You see 3 generations of poncho-wearers walking around asda in matching ponchos.
S: why,mary-ellis, that is a rather dashing poncho one seems to be wearing.
M-E: why thank you sandra! one purchased it from new look. does one favour the 'ripped' affect of the holes in one's poncho?
s: indeed
passing stranger (me): *grabs poncho and shoves hands in a hole and tears in half, laughs evilly and walks away*
M-E: good gracious. lets get one from the market instead.
S: indeed again
by Chicken pops January 11, 2005
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