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3 definitions by Stev White

1. An command word, meaning 'comprehend this'
2. A term of endearment to a close personal friend or work colleague.
1. "Yo man, fizz this shiz"
2. "S'up fizz, looking fly playa, dig?"
by Stev White June 12, 2006
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The process of making something better, or pimping it to a higher standard
"Yo Thom, your hair's looking better today, normally it looks awful, shizzlingly awful,"
"Thanks, I've been fizzlating it all morning."
by Stev White June 13, 2006
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The best something can be, there is no phrase in the world which emphasises the quality of an object/person/situation more than top notch.
Stuart: How was you're date with Lucinda-May?
Edgar: It was TOP NOTCH!
Stuart: Woah, that means that it was better than anything else ever?
Edgar: Yes, because that's what top notch means.
by Stev White April 21, 2007
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