A Toolgasm is a place in a Tool song or album where the listener achieves maximum listening pleasure.
When Maynard screams for 15 seconds in Eulogy i had a Toolgasm. In just about every Tool song I have a Toolgasm.
by Allen November 04, 2003
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One of the greatest feelings a human being can experience. A toolgasm is caused when someone or a group of people is/are listening to music created by the Los Angeles based band 'Tool'. The toolgasm usually occurs at the climax of a song. Some causes of toolgasms have been listed below. A toolgasm is extremely similar to an orgasm, but with no fluids as a result. So in a sense, it is a cleaner orgasm.
Several causes of toolgasms:

4 min. 18 sec. into the song Stinkfist:.

6 min. 35 sec. into the song Eulogy.

6 min. 12 sec. into the song Ticks and Leeches

7 min. 20 sec. into the song Lateralus

by stooze December 18, 2008
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a peaking point in the listening of music written by tool. At this point, the listener undergoes a sensation much like that of an orgasm, without the mess.
In the song Third Eye, maynard screams repeadedly after a beautiful section of ballad like music. At this point, the listener may undergo a toolgasm
by eric February 15, 2004
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A toolgasm is when you cum your pants while listening to Tool.
While listening to the Aenema cd I have multiple toolgasms.
by upthewazzo March 30, 2004
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The orgasm of ones' SOUL and EVERYTHING acheived by listening to the band Tool. It occurs during a certain part of the song, which lifts up your soul, projects it towards the universe, and enlightens your whole existance for that very moment. Side effects include a tingly sensation in your head/brain, and/or tears in your eyes from the beauty your ears have just encountered. The offset of the Toolgasm varies. Can be something lyrical that makes you tingle and gives you the shivers, or it could be a combination of an instrumental part with or without vocals that is utter beauty due to Maynards' voice in conjuction with the awesome instrumentals at that very moment. May cause you to melt into stuff because it makes you feel that damn good if gone to extremes.

What Toolgasms you differs from person to person. It's basically a full body experience, and when you feel it, you'll know exactly what it is.
"Dude, 8:37 of Rosetta Stoned...total Toolgasm!"
"Oh yeah? How about Parabola? It brings me to life!"
by ThirdEye_Davi October 23, 2007
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When a guy walks into a home improvement or tool store and acts like an idiot upon seeing the latest and/or most expensive tool. Usually ends with a compulsive act.
"Dude, you should have seen Timmy last week when we went to the Home Depot: He had a total toolgasm over one of the lawn tractors- then after two hours of spanking it over the tractor he bought $1000 bucks worth of accesories for it, but forgot to buy the tractor.
by Jason Swetland May 28, 2007
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