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to be very awesome at spanking
Neal is extremely dankin
by Allen March 19, 2005
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(Slang): A censored, rhyming way of essentially asking "who the fuck", also can be done as "what the screw", "Where the screw, ect, but doesn't sound nearly as good.
Child 1: *Throws pencil at Child 2*
Child 2: Who the f-....
Teacher: *ahem*
Child 2: Sorry. Who the screw thew that?!
Child 3: *points at Child 1* it was him!
Child 1: Snitch!
by Allen October 9, 2006
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The act of stealing or taking without consent.
To hijack.
Bob brodied the remote control, Jim yell to him to give it back.
by Allen January 7, 2005
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Little is known of this word for it was simply spawned at my school in central indiana. as dirf may be used as a word to mock the ignorant and what they say, dirufay became an even more annoying 'frenchy' translation, which makes it more potent when used for irritation. by adding "Doo-Doot'n" to the beginning, much the same way with most other prefixes, it increases its exactingness and, well, its Diurfay.
Poking your brother in the face in the car, causeing him to swerve all over the road and bash off someone's rear view mirror and saying "Diurfay" with a stupid grin on your face. he then proceeds to pummel you with his fists
by Allen January 12, 2004
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Somone who likes kiddy porn and has a shitty computer filled with it.
by Allen January 2, 2004
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A crying white woman physically attacking a black woman as she attempted to flee in a Victoria's secret, must be an Elphick
by Allen July 28, 2021
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God like figure. Untouchable.
Fearless. To be like.
"Dude, diviniti is the man!"
by Allen August 13, 2004
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