there was this total toolbar in the pub last night. i should've punched him right in the face!
by charmie September 23, 2009
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A toolbar appears on the top of your browser, usally under the address bar. The toolbar you have from a website will give you links back to it. It would have many accesories and new features for your computer.
I downloaded the google toolbar the other day. It allows me to view my searched history, and rate my visited web pages
by k's May 21, 2005
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A browser hijacker designed to infect people who just click through the Java installation to save time.
Idiot:I'll install Java to play the game!
*clicks through installation*
Message:Thanks for letting us put the toolbar/adware on your computer.
by schoolequalsboredom October 6, 2013
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when you install a program and one of the check boxes is for a google,yahoo,ask,etc toolbar and you just jam the next key so it installs it with out you knowing until you open you internet
person 1: ok so i just installed that new pirating program you sugested
person 2: ok now open up your internet and go to
person 1: ok... FUCK! It toolbar-ed me
by versed aaron May 12, 2009
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The inexplicable accumulation of free toolbars on a rarely used browser (usually Internet Explorer) that obscures most of the screen when you open a window.

This is caused by programs that make money by including toolbars with their software (like Yahoo Messenger) which takes advantage of people too lazy to read the installer.
Friend using their other friend's computer: Geez, why do you have so many toolbars on your browser? I can't see!

Other friend: Oh, yeah, that browser has some toolbar mold I haven't cleaned up yet. Use Chrome or something.
by Silver Griffin December 11, 2012
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The Yahoo Toolbar is an Add-On for the Windows Explore or Firefox/Mozilla web browsers. It competes with the Google Toobar. The toolbar is installed on the users web browser, and then gives the user quick access to Yahoo's search engine. you can also customize it with other features. The biggest problem with Yahoo's Toolbar is that it is being bundled into all different types of software. So users who install these software applications; then have Yahoo Toolbar installed in IE, Firefox, Opera, ect. What makes this such a problem is that most user never read the Terms of Service that they are forced to "Agree" to before they install the software. Mainly because it is several pages if documents that don't make a lot of sense to the average user. So if the user is never given a chance to Allow or Deny the install of the Toolbar itself; it will be "Force Installed" onto the users computer without their knowledge. Many users have no idea how to uninstall the Toolbar once it is installed; which further causes aggravation to the user. And since the Toolbar is installed not just on 1 browser, but ALL web browsers on that users computer; the user will have to find a way to uninstall it from every browser it is effecting. An every growing number of software is coming bundled with this Toolbar. So a typical user that installs new software a few times a month; runs the chance of having the Toolbar Re-Installed each and every time. This is reminiscent of AOL; where they harassed customers with CD's and bundled their software with as many different types of software applications as possible. Even coming Pre-Installed with new computers. This ultimately failed and AOL lost over 99 Billion dollars in a matter of 1 year. Users eventually got sick of being bombarded with AOL software. So Yahoo risks pushing away customers by using this "Forced Installed" tactic. The Yahoo Toolbar also invades the users web browsing habits. Yahoo states this is to help Yahoo and their Advertisers. So basically Yahoo makes money from invading and selling the users privacy and the user is never given any of that revenue.
God Damn it man! Every week I end up installing something that installs this stupid Yahoo Toolbar onto my computer! I'm sick of uninstalling something I was never even asked to install in the first place! I hope Yahoo ends up just like AOL. Broken, poor and on deaths door!
by the2ndflood August 10, 2008
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The act of licking the ass milk off of a door handle that somebody just ass banged.
Tad and Jonathan got drunk, Tad proceeded to ass bang himself on Johnathan's little brother's door handle and then Jonathan licked off the left over ass milk completing the Steamy Toolbar.
by Rumplstilsken December 12, 2006
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