verb, a modeling technique coined by Tyra Banks.

To pop your booty out while taking a photo in order to accentuate your ass, making it look round and large.

Good for men's magazines.
Tyra Banks: "You did the booty tooch. The booty is the new sex accessory, and you were tooching that back and that booty to make men look back there. Even though there's not a lot there, you're still tooching it."
by Tyra Skanks May 13, 2007
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A computer whiz who is proficient at many things, ranging from physical feats back to other various mentally stimulating activities. aka a renaisance man
Tooch just fixed my computer then repaired the kitchen sink after he built a shed for homeless people to live in.
by Frank Zarbonz August 25, 2007
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A kick ass percussionist and vocalist who is a necessity in any experimental pop band
by tooch October 6, 2003
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sexy ass mofo who owns all at cs, and likes to post on forums
by sexy ass tooch April 9, 2003
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a person that talks shit and can back it up kthx.
by hi2u April 9, 2003
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that one super fucking handome producer
wow is that tooch?

yea he so fuckin sexy omds
by ToochProd April 2, 2021
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