The flappy end of a sock when its slipping off your feet
Hey dude you have a massive Tooch!

Oh so sorry let me pull up my sock
by 50_mtl January 17, 2020
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Your new girlfriend is tooch. I can't get enough of her.
by wtt July 11, 2008
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a toot from a cooch; a vaginal fart. also known as a queef or vart. can be used as a noun (a tooch), or a verb (to tooch).
after i plowed her vagina for an hour or so, she went to pee and tooched out a couple of tooches...i was proud of my work
by ricelaw January 16, 2009
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Simply means feces/defecate, stool, shit or poo-poo. This is a "cover" term used in Filipino gay linggo. Not everone knows this term, that's why this is a "cover" term.

Derived/Evolved from the candy, Tootsie Roll (to describe feces/defecation in a subtle manner) , then became Toochie Roll, and finally transitioned to Tooch.
>"Shut the door! I'm still tooching!" ; "Isara mo nga yung pinto! Tumu-tooch pa 'ko eh!"

>"I need to tooch." ; "Natu-tooch na 'ko."

>"Just had a tooch because of diarrhea." ; "Kakatooch ko lang dahil sa diarrhea."
by tinkidee June 29, 2011
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A combination of a douche and a tool. If you were looking at a Venn diagram with one circle that represents tools and one circle that represents douches, these people would occupy that unfortunate intersection between the two.

The correct pronunciation rhymes with douche.
Danny Bonaduce is a tooche, and should be forever known hereafter as Danny Bonatooche.
by principe62 March 26, 2009
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verb, a modeling technique coined by Tyra Banks.

To pop your booty out while taking a photo in order to accentuate your ass, making it look round and large.

Good for men's magazines.
Tyra Banks: "You did the booty tooch. The booty is the new sex accessory, and you were tooching that back and that booty to make men look back there. Even though there's not a lot there, you're still tooching it."
by Tyra Skanks May 13, 2007
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A computer whiz who is proficient at many things, ranging from physical feats back to other various mentally stimulating activities. aka a renaisance man
Tooch just fixed my computer then repaired the kitchen sink after he built a shed for homeless people to live in.
by Frank Zarbonz August 25, 2007
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