Anything of exceptional or superlative quality. From the French word for right-handed.
Illmatic is basically the most adroit album of all time.
by spartakus73 December 20, 2014
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Skilled, from french, meaning usage of right hand, also some moron named adroit zencyde comes to mind, i wanna kill that guy, but remember, adroit means skilled
zencyde is not adroit, even tho his name is adroit zencyde
by Adroit Zencyde November 25, 2003
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Joy Mpendulo Kholoane (aka Alfabet Adroit) From Johannesburg, South Africa is a Musical Artist & Songwriter who plays around different Genres often incorporating Rap, Trap soul, Pop, Metal Trap and R&B. He believes his sound and writing skill is what the world needs to heal, have fun and move forward as a human race. Alfabet Adroit says his on a road to discovering his own sound which will have an impact on a lot of people. "I'm on a musical journey" he said.
Alfabet Adroit; Joy is Good with his words.
by Alfabet Adroit February 13, 2023
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