a big bowl of warm ketchup. yum!
i love my grandma, but i hated it when she made me eat tomato soup.
by bobertdude June 30, 2008
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When a girl is on her period and you drink her period blood, then throwup in her pussy and fuck her so it squirts out like hot tomato soup.
you better tomato soup that hoe, shes on her period.
by mr. guiccy March 1, 2009
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When a man ejaculates into his female partner who is currently on her Menstrual Cycle. The Female then Mixes the semen by contracting her vaginal section multiple times as the male lies down and the woman proceeds to feed her tomato soup to her partner.
I had an awesome time with Kelly last night by the Canal Stephen! Kelly fed me the best Tomato Soup ever!!

Kelly Bribed me last night to try her Southern authentic home prepared Tomato Soup. I would of much rather had Cambell's!

I couldn't help but go Tomato Souping last night at the party! Andrew told me Kelly won the national contest for Tomato Souping!! MMM.... MMM.. good!!
by Philly Mob Boss March 8, 2014
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Tomatoe soup or eating tomatoe soup is slang for going down on a female while she is on her period.
"I would go down on you but i dont like tomatoe soup."
by Andrew June 19, 2006
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Performing Oral sex on a female that is menstrating
I had a warm bowl of Tomato Soup from that slut next door, with some oyster crackers!
by Mike Laukaitiis May 8, 2003
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When you cum inside a girl while she's on her period.
Dude, I heard Marcos Tomato Souped this one girl.
by TheDorkling January 14, 2017
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A sexual fetish of cumming on a chicks face, then punching her in the face, making her bleed.. Hence tomatoe soup
Heh.. I was with this chick last nigh, just banging her for the hell of it. Then she pissed me off so I shot it in her eye, then gave her the ol' tomatoe soup treatment...
by chimmey_chunga January 10, 2005
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