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Food composed of 43.2% bone, 56.4% "BBQ" sauce and 0.4% meat.

Is known for being gross, unhealthy, and incredibly messy.
I wouldn't be eating these dumb ribs right now if I had something better to eat.
by bobertdude October 27, 2008
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at the end of a long hard day of hiking through the rainforest and wading through the amazon i took off my shoes and realized i had a particularly awful case of pedomalodoritis.
by bobertdude April 18, 2011
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From Wikipedia: "is the practice of claiming, or implying, original authorship or incorporating material from someone else's written or creative work, in whole or in part, into ones own without adequate acknowledgment."

What I'm doing is not plagiarism because I acknowledged Wikipedia as a direct source of the information and I quoted what I took from the article. There's a world of difference.
-"You know, Family Guy wouldn't be accused of plagiarism if they just admitted to the fact that they copy The Simpsons all the time."
-"It'd still sucks ass, though."
-"I totally agree with you."
by bobertdude July 02, 2007
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weed crumbs. some dealers try to sell it by calling it "pre-grinded", but don't fall for that bullshit. buying shake is like buying a bag of dorrito crumbs. wouldn't you prefer regular dorritos?
shake sucks because it's usually dry and flakey. buy healthy nugs.
by bobertdude December 17, 2009
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the most despised flavor of any candy
every time i buy a bag of skittles, half of the stuff inside is grape flavor......

by bobertdude February 03, 2008
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