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a new breed of media designed to appeal to people of mexican decent. like blaxploitation, except for mexicans.

ie- i thought this term up.
handy mandy, the mexican bob the builder ripoff on disney, is the only example of mexploitation that comes to mind right now
by bobertdude December 3, 2007
a cool way of telling someone you sat around doing nothing.
hot girl: where were you saturday?
guy: just home chilling.
hot girl: that's cool
hot girl: where were you saturday?
guy: i was sitting at home doing nothing.
hot girl: wow, you're a loser.
by bobertdude May 24, 2009
Food composed of 43.2% bone, 56.4% "BBQ" sauce and 0.4% meat.

Is known for being gross, unhealthy, and incredibly messy.
I wouldn't be eating these dumb ribs right now if I had something better to eat.
by bobertdude October 28, 2008
a bank that lies about free checking.
don't go to washington mutual. they charge you five bucks whenever you cash checks.
by bobertdude March 4, 2009
a bad cook's best friend. made from magical ingredients, it has the ability to make even the most repulsive food at least bearable.
every time i burn pancakes i throw some ketchup on them and people always eat them.
by bobertdude January 27, 2009
weed crumbs. some dealers try to sell it by calling it "pre-grinded", but don't fall for that bullshit. buying shake is like buying a bag of dorrito crumbs. wouldn't you prefer regular dorritos?
shake sucks because it's usually dry and flakey. buy healthy nugs.
by bobertdude December 18, 2009