(in relation to alcohol consumption): the ability to hide how intoxicated you've become
That regular over there has a high tolerance, he could be way over the legal limit but you could never tell.
by Craig Secor January 15, 2006
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Tolerance, in the political and social sense, involves two components: 1. Finding others' beliefs or behavior wrong or, in some substantive way, highly objectionable. This fundamental disagreement must be present on issues that really matter, not on issues that are minor or trivial. 2. In the face of this intense disagreement, one refrains from resolving differences by violence or the threat of violence.

Tolerance is NOT a matter of pluralism or multi-culturalism. In order to be tolerant, one does not accept or find others' actions or attitudes a matter of indifference. Rather, a necessary condition for tolerance is rejection of others' beliefs and way of life.

The upshot of tolerance is fighting a continual civil war with those whom one disagrees with in non-violent ways. A society characterized by tolerance will be full of constant confrontation and conflict without threats or violence. As commentator Jonathan Schwartz has argued, tolerance involves challenging the beliefs that others accept without question including issues surrounding sexuality, religion, and race.

Tolerance also is closely related to free speech. Free speech is primarily designed to promote free discussion of controversial questions in politics, religion, and morality. Therefore, speech codes and Politically Correct sensibilities advanced by the left are restrictions on free speech and are forms of intolerance.
I think everything you say and believe is immoral and disgusting. I shall try to eradicate your beliefs from the face of the earth. But, I shall express my disagreement only verbally and refrain from violence to suppress your point of view. Therefore, I am demonstrating tolerance.
by Tex in Tex February 07, 2008
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1. the act of putting aside what is right for what is popular.
2. a virtue of a man/woman without conviction.

see also liberal.
"The court said the school had to take down the ten commandments because they felt it didn't show religious tolerance"
by Stormin Norman January 10, 2006
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disguise of one's learned or inate prejudice's/biases in public
We are very tolerant of *sic* behavior here.
by wriggler February 21, 2005
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A fair attitude toward other opions that you may not agree with. Tolerance is exepting others for who they are.
The grade one teacher showed tolerance towards her students because they weren't as mature yet.
Jason could only endure so much loud noice, therefore he didnt have enough tolerance.
by TaYaLoR October 03, 2010
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Previously similar to "acceptance" but now used to describe any socially acceptable prejudice.
Some people profess their "tolerance" of homosexuals but do not think they should be given the same legal rights as heterosexuals.
by cracked November 05, 2008
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