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The act of bailing out the water from a toilet in order to converse via the toilet pipes with inmates on another floor whilst incarcerated.
Inmate 1103 has crap and piss on his face cuz he's been toilet talking with inmate 3034
by Toastyghosty January 09, 2008
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(n) Speech punctuated by nasty or prurient language.
"You boys stop that toilet talk, hear?" said Dad.

(sample toilet talk:)

You're a kind and sensitive asshole even though you're a beautiful motherfucker, your mouth is actually a pussy, and your tongue a large clitoris. Shit, I'm full of toilet talk today. Sorry.
by Robert E. Porter, Jr. January 20, 2006
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When He/She prank calls someone else, as they pick up, He/She puts the phone near the "bowl" of the toilet and takes a large dump so the person or the recieving end of the phone can hear it splash.
Bro, I totaly just got some real "Toilet Talk"
by Jam-bob222 January 16, 2012
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