these are the little stubs that come out of your hand. You have five on a hand.
jim had 5 toes but one got cut off.
by where am i? May 08, 2005
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Hand over eyes/slapping forehead. Oh, the 'o' is an open mouth, obviously.
i_love_someoneorother98: Went to the school dance last night, and there were, like, three songs the DJ promised to play, then didn't. to

me: to
me: that sucks. D=

by microFroggie February 21, 2008
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Thee most amazing friend in teh world. Gorgeous, awesome, funny, a little dumb sometimes, great sense of fashion, awesome person.
Toes- Tower Of Epic Strength, Tits Of Exceptional Size, Totally Original Extra Special, AKA EMILY NEALY
by Emma Bagshaw January 31, 2009
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