An object, while plugged in, is perfect for the safety of a child, while it is in the bathtub.
Baby *crying*

Mom: Oh goodness the baby is drowning, daddy get the toaster!!!! Make sure to plug it in

Dad: Okay! *throws it in the tub*
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by fedora_the_explorer May 08, 2021
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a person who's had sexual intercouse with atleast 3 people from the same sorority or fraternity
Jeff: Yo, should I lay the pipe on Jenny tonight?

Ben: Ooooh I wouldn't.. If you are, at least wear a condom, she's a toaster bro.
Jeff: Yeah fuck that, good call. She's done the team.
by peckerface22 December 10, 2016
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A fun to play with Bath Toy!! (Needs an outlet and to be plugged in, before putting it in the tub)
"I just got the new Toaster Bath Toy!!"

"Dude, that's Lit!"
by MannCow August 15, 2017
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Another way of describing someone who is a tosser, dickehead, loser etc
Person one: β€œlook at those losers over there.”
Person two: β€œWhat a bunch of bloody toasters!”
by Chellebaby109dafox May 07, 2018
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