A hick city in southwestern Ontario. Basically a typical middle-class town full of white people and the occasional crack head. People have heard of it but no one really knows exactly where it is.
Toronto boy: So where you from dude?

Guelph boy: Guelph, eh.

Toronto boy: Is that up north?
by wonderboy23334 January 1, 2011
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Guelph, A town near Toronto in Canada, in Guelph you have the occasional crack head and douche bag, everyone in guelphs thinks they too shit but really only jewstin is at the top
Person 1 Eh, have you been to Guelph

Person 2 No I heard that everyone thinks they are top shit and only jewstin is the good person there everyone else is a bunch of crack heads
by Skinny penis 69 420 January 23, 2017
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Similar to a girl queefing, a guelph is when the penis of a man releases air out of the meatus of the urethra, making a soft "fart-like" sound.
Dude, so I was sleeping with this chick, and after 3 minutes, I guelphed. I was so embarrassed I had to stop.
by 447 Grove St. December 2, 2013
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Predominantly white, city with extreme rural vibes in southwestern Ontario. Rumour has it guelph has an overwhelming manure odour...everywhere. The type of place where if you didn’t play hockey and have flow you were probably a loser in highschool, and if you did you probably say #guelphforever. Surprisingly produces a lot of hot girls. Yeehaw... see u mediocre ass wipes at boots and hearts.
Toronto Guy #1: That girl has the nicest ass, watch me give her rinse tn

Toronto Guy #2: don’t waste your time man, unless you play jr.B Hockey , are her cousin, or regular franks shes not interested. She’s from .... Guelph.
by Shift pull crank November 7, 2017
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When a person is on the toilet, performing the act of number 2, the day after a long night of drinking.
Man, I'm guelphing hard today, we drank a shit load last night.
by mdamda0808 April 10, 2011
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A word that predominantly is used to substitute the work "Gay" as a negative term. but it my also be a substitute for any other negative swear words.
(ex 1. as gay)
Drew: yo man kat and i are going to see my schools play do you want to come?
Luke: forget that man thats so guelph

(ex 2. as gay)
luke: yo man its so guelph my mom wont let me take the car out tonight
matt: man that is guelph

(ex 3. as swear word)

matt: yo champ just lit his arm on fire
luke: champ is guelphed in the head

(ex 4. all of the above)

luke: yo man these examples are guelph

by G102 February 22, 2009
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When one burps and throws up in one's own mouth at the same time. similar to the romanticized "shart".
the appearance of your wife concluded in me guelphing in my own mouth
by quinny626 October 21, 2010
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