A character from the Netflix series (based on a book of the same name) "13 Reasons Why" who killed herself and left 7 cassette tapes with 13 recordings, each recording having a reason for why she killed herself, and each reason had to do with a person who did something wrong (this was worsened by the fact that Hannah Baker was a 16-year old high school student, and had to encounter them at school).

These reasons ranged from a lack of friends at times and episodes of sexual harassment, to bad dating experiences, witnessing a juvenile rape, and even being raped later on by the same perpetrator. Had all or some of these events not taken place, she might still be alive.

Hannah Baker is an example of the disturbing, tragic trend of teen suicide, a growing problem in both the US (the location in which the plot of the series takes place; more specifically, the fictional town of Evergreen, California) and worldwide. The character also addresses the issues of sexual assault, harrassment and bullying, issues that have also plagued education and its students, as well as the character.

Hannah Baker is played by Katherine Langford.

The .gif below depicts her in the show saying, "why didn't you say this when I was alive?"
"Hey, it's Hannah. Hannah Baker. That's right. Don't adjust your...whatever device you're hearing this on. It's me, live and in stereo." - Hannah Baker, as she spoke on the first tape in the series.

"I lied. Um, I did know Hannah Baker. We worked together all the time at the Crestmont. We had classes together. Uh- She was my friend. And I miss her really fucking bad." - Clay Jensen, another character in the series.

"Hey man, did you watch 13 Reasons Why?"
"Yeah, it was pretty sad. I feel sorry for Hannah Baker."

"I watched 13 Reasons Why last week, and Hannah Baker's suicide made me feel so sad."
by TheSuperTrooper July 09, 2017
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Usually meaning in a harmful way towards someone, it depends in which way you use it. It can either mean someone rapes you or you kill youreself. It's meaning comes from the show "13 Reasons Why" coming from one of the charaters of the show.
"Go Hannah Baker yourself !" or "I hope someone Hannah Baker's you."
by AnonymousMartinez77 April 15, 2017
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another term for suicide; Gonna kill yourself; etc
Dude if Givens doesn't accept my paper I am gonna Hannah baker myself.
Dude same.
by A,Friend May 20, 2017
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Hannah Baker is a character in the Netflix series 13 reasons why, in which she has left cassette tapes with 13 recordings each addressed to a specific person stating their part in her decision to kill herself. It is also used as a way of saying suicide without actually saying suicide, for example
Go Hannah baker yourself
by Lolollllllllloolloll March 28, 2020
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A character from 13 reason why who bears a slight resemblance to a cutie named Cynthia. You will use this statement “omg it’s Hannah baker” to expertly slide into her dm’s. Little do you know this girl is gorgeous, sweet, caring, kind, fun, smart, funny, cute, has the prettiest green eyes that just get you, a cuddler, and so so sweet. Also a major cutie. It’s gonna break your heart to find out she lives 4 hours away. This distance won’t kill anything it just leaves a longing. Everyday you come home from school you’ll just be so excited to get to talk to her, even if it’s just on the phone. There will be nothing you want more than to see her again. To kiss her lips, to wipe her tears, to hold her in your arms, to go to dances with her, to hug her, to drive around jamming out with her, to BE with her. Someday Cynthia..... someday. The only problem is that she’s ruthless and super good at cup pong and will mercilessly beat you every single time, but she’s soo cute when she’s winning it doesn’t even matter, because you know that the real winner, is YOU.
Hannah baker is just an excuse to talk to the pretty girl you saw at camp and get to know her.
by God5695 October 17, 2018
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A verb describing a naracist/s who jells themself/selves whilst blaming everyone around them for their own short comings.

Derived from the show “13 reasons why”, the term is popular with people who are literate and understand how utterly terrible Hannah Baker from the television show really is.
Derrick is such a Hannah Baker, he’s blaming everyone for him getting drunk and driving into a school bus.
by AJ_Fatt September 04, 2019
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