13 definitions by Eric Maan

The state of being burned out from acting like you're working hard.
Larry: Where's that lazy bastard Nigel today?

Gerald: He took a sick day.

Larry: After all that faux activity in the past weeks, he must be churned out.
by Eric Maan July 17, 2009
1. A state of tidiness maintained by the average straight, single guy. It is generally acceptable to other heterosexual men, but fails to meet female standards.

2. To quickly hide trash and wipe up spills before visitors show up. A superficial clean-up.
James: Wow Ed, you clean up your place?

Ed: Yep.

Babs: Yea, like maybe a year ago.

Ed: Hey, it's bachelor clean.

Billy Bob knew Daisy was coming over, so he gave his bachelor pad a bachelor clean.
by Eric Maan July 17, 2009
To take out of the information flow, cut off from access.
Oliver blew the Donlan account so he was delooped.
by Eric Maan January 8, 2010
Someone who tries to coax others into feeling the pain of those who probably deserve little or no empathy.
Bill: Those people shouldn't be cheering the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Fred: Give it a break you sympathy fascist.
by Eric Maan May 5, 2011
A pitch adjustment knob on a mixing board used to bring out-of-tune singers back into key. Named for the heavy metal car wreck Ozzy Osbourne.
Sound Engineer. Jeez Bill, that sounded like someone strangling a sick cat.

Producer: Yeah, if she only sang as good as she looks.

Sound Engineer: Time for the Ozzy knob.
by Eric Maan July 17, 2009
Hey man, quit blabbering. You on the chatter chalk again?
by Eric Maan November 16, 2010