a cool name that can be used as a username on the Internet for various platforms like discord
User 1 - "Oh hey Electrified! you have a Cool name!"
Electrified - "thanks"
by Electrinnit December 27, 2021
Adj. 1. a sudden burst of impulse through your veins, like crunk in your system.
logan is electrifying!
by electrifying logan August 19, 2006
To get charged with electricity. To get so excited that you feel like you are getting charged with electricity.
I got electrified trying to change the fuse in the flooded basement. When he danced his leaps electrified me.
by tiedown December 17, 2013
The act of putting 2 in the stink and 1 in the pink. (See reverse shocker)
After fucking my girlfriend in the ass, I gave her the electrifier
by Richard head March 14, 2014
a person with a electrifying personality makes people happy and always brings the fun to the crew.
the twin's jokes called everyones attention with their electrifying personality.
by SusyQ LeE December 18, 2009
When a man abruptly and unexpectedly ejaculates in to the girl's(or man's) mouth that is sucking his penis. The recipient of this ejaculate is startled by this sudden change of events and spits the semen back up onto the man's happy trail and/or belly button.
Man is getting head and busts into girls mouth. The girl is dumfounded and spits the cum into the guys belly-button. This is an electrifying surprise for both parties and turns each other on for more intense intercourse.
by Hurricane C April 7, 2009
the act of spread a female's legs and diving head first into her snatch
T.J. gave this chick an electrifying sparkplug.
by sparkplug764 September 9, 2011