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Taken from noted Kansas City/FOX Sports writer Jason Whitlock who would relate race to any sports topic whether it was actually relatable or not. This term is used when someone tries to force a subject/topic into a conversation using loose relations that really has no relevance to the subject.

An example would be two people talking about their new shoes and someone were to come up and say that because those two had purchased new shoes, they are oppressing the people of Malaysia because that's where the shoes were made. Or if two people are talking about their weekend exclusively and a third party was to interject and start talking about their plans for the next weekend.
Dale: I think the Tampa Bay Rays are going to win the World Series.
Hawthorn: I went to a baseball game once as a child and was hit in the face with a foul ball. Because of this, I hate baseball and you.
Dale: Thanks for whitlocking me. Douche.
That is an example of how to whitlock someone and their response.
by 1_5_4_4_[ September 01, 2010
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