To be hip to something, or already aware.
I tried to tell my boy that girl he just started talking is known around as a thot but he was already on tip.
by Ya boy Kris Kross August 27, 2020
Is an Manoeuver done with the car during a burnout When you enter a donut with speed you travel backwards in a Whip like motion
Oh Daz should of seen Trevor skidding his AU in the McDonald’s carpark everyone was yelling tip it in nearly took out the speaker box
by Yeah the AU September 27, 2019
Ebonics for "drunk," an attempt to say "tipsy"
by nerrbody June 17, 2004
Dopest Dilla-inspired beats and Joy Orbison style flexes from London's hugely tipped Pariah.
by j4ourk April 13, 2011
Another word for drunk. Comes after tipsy.
I was way past tipsy last night, I was completely tipped.
by shopping-whore March 3, 2014
Sometimes used as a slang word for a 'piece' of cigarette used for rolling up a spliff/joint.
"Yo G, you got tip for a zoot?"
by noby123 March 17, 2012
to be really tired.
knocked out.
ready to crash.
im tipped cuh.
by booze101 July 11, 2008