When something is a mess.

Usuallly a word used by the Irish.
by Bobo lad October 31, 2016
The step before (dealing). This is also usually referred to a relationship that could happen but hasn't yet.

If there is a chance of a relationship
Boy asks girl: Are you on tips with that guy?
Girl: No we`re just friends.
by knowledge is power!! December 19, 2011
tip meaning your gonna get tf jumped
I'll get people to tip on you
by Mayfair_Autumn August 11, 2017
A sum of money or a small bonus given to someone who provides a service; commonly done in restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

Tips are generally based on a percentage of the bill and a reward towards the quality of service. 15 - 20 percent is common for good service. Anything less, generally means poor service.

Occasionally you will see tip jars by cashiers.

Tip also stands for the acronym: To Insure Prompt Service.
Our restaurant server was so great, I gave him a 20 percent tip!
by Maverick Fischer December 15, 2022
Money left by customers in thanks to the waiter/waitress

Usually the majority of a server's income comes from tips, therefore a large tip is looked on with happiness, whereas a bad tip will criminalize you to the server, bartender, bus boy, and hostess.
Server: That 8 top had a $90 bill and left me a $6 tip

Hostess: Damn them to hell!
by musicalsarah99 October 2, 2007
"I saw what Meener's was getting ready to do so I tipped!
by go606 July 30, 2012
a dude sticks the tip of his dick in a chicks vagital. then pulls out in fear of premature without a rubber
by Googlenig January 6, 2009