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Quasi-mystical aluminium foil that (if worn in the ears) can filter out reception of most left and right wing chaff.
1st person: "You are both scum and an idiot and possibly traitorous if you do not think like me"

2nd person: "I'm not hearing you, I have my tinfoil hat on"
by G. Willikins April 28, 2005

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1. (noun) Idiot

2. Person convinced that the world is in some way less impressive than they.
Today, whilst burning some incense to get rid of the smell of fried bacon, I was told by a passing anti-idiotarian that 'God would fill me with love for Objectivism if I woke up to the fact that I was a traitorous crack-whore fag-loving feminazi in need of a violent insertion of his 'gigantic' clue-by-four'. He then called my employers to tell them that I was a traitor to my country.
by G. Willikins April 28, 2005

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(Slang)An uncommon American noun used usually (but not exclusively) by right-wing weblog addicts.

An imaginary ideological (or actual) 'stick' with which we beat someone with whom we disagree.
1. "Listen son, those foreigners need a newkillerclue-by-four from Uncle Sam"

2. "Any assclown tinfoil hat-wearing traitor that doesn't believe in God will get a big clue-by-four when they get bombed to Hell"
by G. Willikins April 28, 2005

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