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paranoid...as in M. Night Shama-lama-ding-dong's movie Signs, the kids put tinfoil hats on their heads to protect them from the aliens.
R - I think Attorney General Eric Holder and Oprah's boyfriend Stedman Graham are the same person.

M - OMG...R's gone tinfoil on us
by Rebecca G March 02, 2009

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also known as a mini-van driven by moms and dads of bratty children
A breeder wagon is any make and model of mini-van type vehicle (foreign or domestic).
by rebecca g May 28, 2009

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After Wednesday's early morning McMistake which caused reverse eating all day yesterday, my jeans are looser.
by rebecca g January 07, 2010

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Half-miserable, half-adorable; usually referring to how a pet looks, often a toy-breed dog, while dressed up in a cutesy outfit or costume
Aww, look at that little Chihuahua, his outfit is so cutesy, he looks misdorable.
by rebecca g February 07, 2010

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The feeling that you get when you hear that one of your friend's got the latest new hot gadget.
Bob: Hey I just got the ipod nano. It's super small and featuretastic

Ben: Oh man, I have major genus envy.
by rebecca g September 25, 2010

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A profile for a homosexual, such as on a gay dating website.

GWM bottom seeking GBM for serious relationship. Must love chihuahuas, Madonna and Obama.
by Rebecca G August 20, 2008

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male on male oral sex
Larry Birkhead (Anna Nicole Smith Baby Daddy) giving Howard K Stern (Anna Nicole Smith lawyer/all around bitch) a blow job...viola the birkhead is born.
by rebecca g September 09, 2007

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