On days when Tim is not playing basketball, he enjoys going out for a leisurely ride in his 1997 Honda Accord. He shops at Sears, likes to eat saltine crackers, and often goes on bike rides with friends from his middle class neighborhood. He plays golf in the offseason with his father. Tim would not comment on the latest National Enquirer article alleging that he once made facial expressions in the mirror while shaving and smiled in his 7th grade yearbook photo.
by The Real Izzy January 22, 2005
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To be the most consistent basketball player to ever play the game. To dominate boths ends of the court. To achieve stats without effort.
Hi my names Tim Duncan and im modestly the best in the NBA
by Ryan May 31, 2004
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power foward that sux ass, that he has to bank in every shot he takes. He measures the angle he has to shot the ball to hit the backboard and then shoots his shot. Thats why he takes so long to shoot.
God damn, that guy can't shoot for shit, maybe he should try a Tim Duncan.
by skills January 9, 2005
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Simply the best Power Forward to ever play in the NBA. He has Averaged over 20 points every season since a rookie,except for his 05-06 which was his career low. Nobody in the NBA is better at using the backboard to sink his jumpshots and he is probobly the most consistent player at the moment. Retired NBA star Charles Barkly calls tim "Groundhog Day" because of Duncans consistently good games, while arguably the most dominent center to ever play, Shaquille O'Neil, calls Duncan "The Big Fundamentle" for his great all round game.
Wow, this guy is killing us on offence and defence, yeah he is pulling a Tim Duncan
by Sam Waldren May 14, 2006
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A. the best basketball player in the NBA

B. the most boring basketball player in the NBA
As soon as Tim Duncan fully recovers from his foot injury, he'll once again have us yawning in sheer amazement.
by Steelo J. April 2, 2006
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San Antonio Spurs Power Foward
Best Power Foward In NBA.
2 Time MVP Tim Duncan
by Brad January 29, 2004
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To dominate effortlessly.

To be a man amoungst boys w/no peers.
After I finished Duncan on those fools, they took their ball and went home.
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
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