Drop654, people living on the left side of the loft in room 10 , people who work for nfl films, and people who have worn handle bar mustaches in their lifetime are Fuckin' Cowards.

P-Cat, foward, is so afraid of his shadow he is a fuckin' coward
by P-cat April 28, 2008
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Someone with a thick hillbilly accent who cant pronounce Forward correctly. The first R is silent.

Forward, ahead, onward, advance, progress, leading.
Josh hits the golf ball foward down the fairway.
by bigCincincy December 24, 2019
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Text messages that your friends send to you saying that if you dont fwd this txt you will be single, ugly or cursed forever. Basically a waste of txt messages and of space
Foward Text Message :If you dont not foward this txt you be cursed for the rest of your life!!
by Pompom138 June 1, 2009
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when you go to sleep to kill time or when your bored
i cant wait until x-mas tommorw so im going to fast foward the day
by $m00th December 31, 2010
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FFF. The opposite of Throw Back Thursday, Flash Foward Friday is speculation of ones future self for sharing on Facebook and other social media sites.
That is so going to be me when I'm that age. I'm taking a picture to post Friday on Facebook for Flash Foward Friday.
by LeiLah June 28, 2014
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