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A mother in Asian culture. She often will have a timetable made for her children for when they can study which is often most of their time. They're ruthless and want their children to be the smartest as the high population in China and other Asian countries cause a very large amount of competition for university entry and other such things alike. They may be ruthless but they're mostly doing it for your own sake.
Tiger mom:"What are you doing?"
Child:"I'm reading Shakespeare"
Tiger mom:"You need to be studying, not reading"
by Pancake Knight April 23, 2018
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a mother that is extremely stereotypically asian.

one that would usually do the following
-talk extremely loud on the telephone
-beat their children
-demand high grades
-favour the eldest son
-get into a car crash
-wears traditional chinese robes
-only gives their children money during chinese new years
-will take all fortune cookies seriously
-bargain at the dollar store
-cook aggresively
-mercilessly kill seafood
wow, gong hei fat choi's mom is such a tiger mom.
by skatingjenny January 12, 2011
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