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Crazier than the bloods and the crips put together and unlike the bloods and the crips they have brains
Jim: Another guy got killed execution style today, he tried to fuck with the mafia and they killed him
Tom: Those guys are crazier than the bloods and crips put together
Jim: yea, plus you can't outsmart them like bloods and cirps
Tom: right, white people aren't complete dumbasses
Jim: could u imagine an asain mafia they could kung-fu ur ass death and they are smart as hell.
by Deshawn Thomas February 08, 2006

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a sterotypical black girl huge tits and ass, but is really ugly
Look at that chanquia her ass is huge
by Deshawn Thomas November 22, 2005

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When you take out your phone (preferibly a flip phone) and smack a bitch
Anthony: If that bitch dosent shut up I am going to phone smack her
Quenten: I'll jack her shit after
by Deshawn Thomas January 27, 2006

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When two mexicans begin a fight, this phrase is often shouted, with the meaning that the two mexcian should take their dispute to Taco Bell, where they can appropriately fight.
Juan: Yo holmes, dont fuck with me
Martinez: Listen ese, I fucked you mama last night
White Guy: Hey fellas, you need to put that shit on hold, and take it to the bell.
by Deshawn Thomas December 16, 2005

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when you take out your wallet smack someone across the face
Anthony: If that bitch dosent shut up i am gonna wallet smack her
Quinten: I will jack all her stuff after
by Deshawn Thomas January 27, 2006

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A white person who tries to act mexican. For those of you who don't get it; mexicans commonly call themselves ese's, white people can't call mexicans this.
Jesus: Look at Clark wearing all his mexico stuff, and listening to mexican rap, and he is white holmes.
Juan: what a wese, lets jump him holmes.
by Deshawn Thomas December 02, 2005

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A word used as code for talking about someting illegal (drugs or alcohol, if you are underaged) in public.
Guy 1: are we going to pregame before the basketball game.
Guy 2: hell yea I got some tickets in my car.
by Deshawn Thomas March 07, 2007

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