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The pinnacle of all English swearwords, thundercunt is phoenetically, spiritually, grammatically, and socially the worst thing you can ever say. Much like a Holy Hand Grenade or the most powerful zord from Power Rangers, it should only be used in times of extreme need
Man: Larry, your home just burned down, and the arsonist fucked your wife
Universe: Shatters a little bit, shaken to its very core
by Steve M C June 07, 2006
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A term used to describe a person who is acting like such a cunt, that they alter the Earth's meteorological behaviour, resulting in near-apocalyptic storms with lethal levels of thunder. This is the worst level of cunt you can get.
by Pete Sahut August 08, 2011
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Adaption of the Derogatory term 'Cunt.' Used in situations where Cunt is not harsh enough.
Meant to cause extreme offense and a great way of releasing frustration and anger orally.

Abbreviation of the term Thundering Cunt.

Verb: Thundercunting.
Stop picking your ass you thundercunt.
Look at him thundercunting around there with no pants on as if he owns the place. He is a major Thundercunt.
by Podge93 July 29, 2013
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A cunt of the highest order, who finds new and exciting ways of pissing off her significant other. Thundercunts tend to be over 300 lbs, and hate working just as much as they love chicken nuggets from Wendy's.
Jennifer, you fat fucking pig. Stop being a thundercunt and open the door. I have nuggets for you.....
by milkdud August 23, 2006
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Any woman fitting the definition of a completly hanous raging bitch, who, upon picturing naked you envision the depths of nothingness encapsulated by the most disgusting hairy herpes infested vagina EVER!
by Puffer February 27, 2006
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The biggest and most cuntiest of all cunts. Generally, thundercunts are incredibly obese and have a portal to Hell in between their legs rather than a vagina.
Bob: Have you met the new girl?
Joe: You mean Meghan? Yeah, dude, she's a fucking thundercunt.
by JackamoTheThunderCuntSlayer February 04, 2009
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